Press Release:

The @CTABoston, voted the #1 Accelerator in the world 2016, has sponsored Finaeos, along with its Seraem Blockchain project, to locate in Kendall Square MIT, at the Cambridge Innovation Center “CIC” Facilities.

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What is Seraem?

Seraem is a “Seamless – Effective – Risk Management – Authentication & Encryption Model” for any application, anywhere,
which is automatically distributed.

Who can use Seraem?

Anyone who has data to protect. From top-level government organizations, to businesses of any size, to just basic users who want peace of mind, Seraem is the one stop solution to ensure you and your information is safe, private, and secure.

How Seraem Works


Each and every person, account and component on the Seraem network is identified with a unique unbreakable key.


This is first established from Seraem on-boarding dashboard – keys are created and distributed at first login.

Keys are distributed for any application, from any device (web, mobile, wearable)


The Seraem network has a moving target defense that is self-monitoring and self-healing.


All persons and components on the network are continuously asked to identify themselves and show authorization for access to the network, account or component at any interval you choose i.e. every 15 seconds.

The more user access - the more detection and protection


Cyber attacks are inherently detected and the account or access is automatically revoked instantly to any unauthorized network, account or component access attempts.

4 Steps Automatically Occur: Detect, Block, Notify, Identify
Proper Login Resets Seamlessly


All data transmitted or stored is encrypted with unbreakable encryption that is unique to each person, account, application user or component on a network.


Every action is logged.

Current Applications & Modules

Secure Activity Spaces
Secure Activity Spaces
Stop Snooping – eliminate email risks

Secure collaboration tools made simple. Files & Forms: Complete, share and authenticate forms, applications and critical communications. Discuss progress securely with your team, clients and contacts via our secure Activity Spaces.

Security Intelligence
Security Intelligence
Customize your Automatic Chief Security Officer Dashboard

Don’t get caught off guard. Use our customizable CSO Dashboard to gain insight and see reports on security, access control, and users activity all from one secure and customizable space.

Secure Workspaces
Secure Workspaces
Private Secure IM, Activities, Work Processes

Know you’re secure, inside and out. Our “Hybrid Cloud OS” enables you set up your business workflows, activities and projects with full authentication, security and measurement. Using your existing applications, Seraem Work Spaces provide a space for secure, internal Activity Management and workflows.

Take control of your organization from top to bottom by determining divisions and granting permissions for usage and access.

Secure Notebooks
Secure Notebooks
Control and Know exactly who has access to your files

Share ideas or documents securely. Create, store and organize your notes dynamically, or link them to file management system with Seraem’s Secure Cloud File Storage (e.g. Dropbox, Box, Sharepoint, 1to1Core, Google Docs).
Add a security layer to files - Make them accessible to only your team, or keep them private to only authorized individuals.

Include image files, or link notes to any contact (great for Governance Risk management and Compliance or CRM related documents, client records, patient records, legal records, etc.)

Secure File Storage
Secure File Storage
Add a Layer To Dropbox, Box, Sharepoint, etc.
Or use Our 1to1 File Storage

Safe, secure and properly managed filing systems are the hallmark of effective organization. Determine access via custom permissions, share files through emails by generating links, and with our upcoming DropBox integration, legacy files are easily available. Plus, every contact has a secure File storage space, ideal for GRC.

The Wall
The Wall
Private IM – Secure Conversations, Secure Activities,
Instant Communication

Keep up-to-date on your team's progress without disruption. Stay in the know with a live-feed Wall that displays your most recently updated Activities, Discussions, To Dos and File uploads.

Every conversation logged, stored, secured, searchable

CRM Security
CRM Security
Contact Relationship Management – log and lock your contact records – from clients to patients, keep information secure

Don't put your address book online without proper security. Seraem allows you to establish key contacts, update and manage customer profiles and forms (authenticated to each and every user in your CRM).

Shared Calendars
Shared Calendars
Secure – Private – Public Activities

Never miss a beat. See all Activities securely, control privacy and auto-filter by access protocol. Integrated with Exchange™ - a new layer of security for all of your events, meetings and activities.

Automatic Drive
Automatic Drive
Let it do the work for you

Send out email notifications, follow-ups, invoices and more that link to the secure information, or to Private Customer Portals.

Auto-Respond to opened, unopened and clicked links with
automated responses for every contingency.
Save time, improve efficiency, maximize security and track activity

Secure Access for Everyone
Secure Access for Everyone
No matter when, no matter where, no matter who

Enhanced security for your data, business, communications, applications.

Each business receives its own Private Key Configuration and Dashboard
on their Private Cloud.
Manage, set-up, and store information in your custom Seraem Admin Portal.
Admin Users are authenticated to access the System and are authorized by their Role to specific functions – based on permissions.
Easy to implement, manage, and track all security.